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Why Ark?

Why Ark?

Ark is an environmental engineering and consulting company based in Indianapolis, Indiana that has developed considerable expertise addressing current environmental issues. Ark's environmental engineers, consultants, geologists, and technical specialists intend to pool their combined experience and expertise in a team effort to resolve clients' environmental concerns quickly, economically, and efficiently. Our firm strives to do so with minimal disruption to normal work routines. Our moto is "your objective is our objective".

  • Avoid Costly Cleanups
    By correctly identifying contaminants with thorough and appropriate investigations and limiting the area of cleanup.

  • Resolve Issues Quickly and Efficiently
    By providing our knowledge of regulations and guidelines of state, local, and federal agencies. 

  • Avoid Legal Difficulties
    By facilitating between affected adjacent properties and client before the problem escalates. 

  • Implement Cost Effective Solutions
    By thoroughly researching, evaluating, and analyzing various options of environmental concerns. 

  • Identify Funding Sources
    By assisting client frims, businesses, and companies in identifying funding sources through private insurance and public trust funds and grants. 

  • Protect Your Business
    By providing consulting services in areas of best management practices that will prevent environmental problems in the future. 

  • Offer Competitive Service Costs
    With our low overhead rates and effective bargaining with vendors resulting in savings to your company.

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