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Ark is an environmental engineering and consulting company that serves a diverse, nationwide client base. Ark's environmental remediation services cover a full spectrum from potential impact, risk assessment and evaluation to system design, construction, and management. 

Our expert remediation engineers and geologists focus on your specific objectives. Ark professionals have successfully negotiated regulatory approvals for appropriate levels of remediation based use of properties, both present and future, including land transfers and property redevelopment. Ark has extensive experience in soil and groundwater remediation, including design and installation of groundwater control and recovery systems. Ark has provided remedial services in many States and U.S. EPA regions in the country. Using both standard and innovative technologies, and experienced personnel Ark can design, install, operate, and maintain integrated systems for the containment, recovery, and treatment of contaminated groundwater, and soil for petroleum hydrocarbons and hazardous wastes. Ark's soil and groundwater remediation services include the following:

Potential Impact and Risk Assessment

  • Determination of site specific assessment procedures
  • Estimation of product release and contaminant migration
  • Dye trace testing and water source identification
  • Contaminant migration and preferred flow path analysis
  • Contaminant impact to surrounding areas & ecological assessment
  • Potential subsurface receptor utilities identification
  • Fate and transport


  • Soil and groundwater sampling and analysis (levels I, II, III, and IV)
  • Ground water flow modeling and groundwater quality modeling
  • Statistical analysis
  • Contaminant level and target compound tier calculation
  • Degradation and removal rate calculation

System Design, Construction, and Management

  • Containment systems: hydraulic barriers, slurry trenches, steel sheeting, compacted soil, and geosynthetic covers
  • Recovery systems: trenchless lines, wells, well points, leachate collection trenches, biopolymer slurry drainage trenches, drawdown and petro-belt skimmer pumps
  • Groundwater treatment systems: Design and implementation of pump and treat, DPE, MPE, airsparging, bioremediation, oxidation chemical injection, oxygen supplying injection
  • Soil Treatment Systems: air stripping, high vacuum extraction, bioreactors, air-sparging, SVE, DPE, bioventing, carbonadsorption, thermal oxidation, catalytic oxidation, excavation, and soil vapor recovery networks.
  • Regulatory compliance liaison services with local, state, and federal agencies
  • Risk based corrective action (RBCA) and voluntary remediation program
  • Air and water discharge permitting
  • Equipment performance evaluation & long term operation and management of remediation systems
  • Turnkey management

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