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Regulatory Compliance

Environmental Management & Regulatory Support

Ark provides a complete range of solutions in Environmental Management (EM) Services, to assist client firms and companies in managing risk through correct interpretation of regulations. This service area includes compliance auditing, which is often performed as a baseline for detecting regulations that are not met and management systems that can be improved. Additional EM services include the following:

  • Air, water, and waste permitting (including air discharge, NPDES, POTW, and RCRA permits)
  • Required environmental plans, Best Management Practices (BMP)
  • Site safety, health and emergency response plans
  • Forensic services (contaminant and source identification)
  • Waste handling and minimization
  • Environmental education and training

Environmental Compliance Audits

Ark provides a variety of environmental compliance assessment services. These assessments are integral to Ark's environmental management consulting. Assessment services are typically provided as part of a broader scope of work which includes assisting clients in developing and improving overall environmental management programs at the corporate or business level. 

Ark's recommended approach to environmental auditing includes reviewing management systems and practices while auditing for regulatory compliance. Experience indicates that most causes of regulatory non-compliance are rooted in a lack of environmental policies, training, and employee communications. Conducting a review of the underlying systems generally leads to long-term solutions.

Ark's compliance audits result in prioritized recommendations for achieving compliance or improved efficiency. The prioritization process identifies environmental areas of concern and ranks them based on the EPA's definition of environmental compliance risks. Ark auditors distinguish between significant, major, and minor problems and also classify them as either regulatory or procedural. Audit reports document the findings, classifying them in accordance with the level of concern, and recommend corrective actions. In this way an initial audit can serve as the starting point for developing management programs that reduce liability. Follow-up audits can be used to fine-tune and check progress on those programs. 

Broader management issues with which Ark can assist include the following:

  • Environmental strategic planning
  • Risk management
  • Policy development and implementation
  • Environmental performance and financial disclosure
  • Integration of environmental management into business planning.

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