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Phase II ESA

Phase II Environmental Site Assessment

Ark has performed several Phase II ESAs for sites that have been adversely impacted by contaminants from petroleum products to industrial solvents including tetrachloroethylene (PCE) and other chlorinated volatile compounds (CVOCs). Our team of experienced and licensed Geologists has conducted numerous Phase II ESA for a variety of clients and facilities such as gas stations, transportation facilities, community development corporations, realtors, banks, attorneys, airports, small and large corporations, and brownfield sites throughout the Midwest.

Phase II ESA (Phase Two)

A Phase II ESA involves the collection of soil and groundwater samples from the subject property to ascertain the presence or absence of chemicals of concern that might have environmentally impacted the property as a result of previous use or due to migration from an offsite source. The samples collected are submitted to certified laboratories for analysis, and the results are compared to local, state, and federal standards for regulatory compliance.

Contents of a Phase II ESA

A Phase II ESA at a minimum should contain four soil samples and one groundwater sample for properties that are not more that 0.25 acres in size. However, based on the potential for previous site operations to adversely impact the environment as revealed in a Phase I ESA, the number of borings may vary. A typical limited Phase II investigation includes:

  • Site Map/Plan
  • Soil boring logs
  • Description of soil and groundwater collection procedures
  • Soil classification
  • Depth to groundwater information
  • Validated laboratory analysis
  • Conclusions and recommendations

Cost a Phase II ESA

Ark’s cost to perform Phase II ESA are comparably much less expensive than our competitors. Ark is able to provide such low prices because Ark has significantly low overhead and Ark owns all the equipment necessary to perform Phase II ESAs. Therefore, there is no markup included in our pricing with the exception of laboratory analytical costs. We quickly mobilize to each site and deliver the reports on the date promised unless unforeseen circumstances such as weather, site access issues, or significant changes to the scope of services inhibit Ark from completing the project on time.

The cost for performing a Phase II depends on various factors such as the size of the property, location of the property, type of analysis required, depth to groundwater, and drilling method. Ark uses its own Geoprobe® to collect soil and groundwater samples where permissible. This type of drilling is very inexpensive, quick, and leaves little or no impact to the property. Cost to perform a Phase II ESA starts as low as $1,500. Please contact Ark for a site specific cost estimate for your property.

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