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Drilling Services

Drilling Services

Ark’s wholly owned subsidiary company, Geobore, LLC's consists of team of licensed geologists and water well drillers providing expedient and inexpensive drilling services in the Midwest. Ark’s experienced crews ensure your project is completed in a timely manner, regardless of the lithology of project sites. Ark has performed services for high profile clients as well as multinational companies. Ark crews have met stringent health and safety requirements and obtained security clearance to work in Department of Defense (DOD), Federal Aviation Authority (FAA), City, State and Federally owned sites.


Macro-Core® MC5 with 1.25 inch Center Rod System

  • Retrieves 48 inch x 1.5 inch diameter soil samples
  • Discrete sampling capabilities using center rod system
  • Depths of 100 feet or more depending on soil conditions

Dual Tube 22 Soil Sampling

  • Continuous sampling from within a sealed casing of 2.25 inch OD probe rods
  • Cased hole eliminates cross contamination while sampling through perched water tables
  • Cased hole eliminates side slough
  • Solid drive point for driving to discrete depths before sampling
  • Retrieves 48 inch x 1.125 inch diameter soil samples
  • Depths of 100 feet or more depending on soil conditions
  • Perform bottom-up grouting of borehole retracting probe rods if necessary
  • Install permanent pre-packed monitoring wells up to ¾ inch diameter


DT22 Groundwater Sampling

  • Stainless Steel or PVC screens can be used
  • 41 inch exposed screen length with 0.004 inch slots
  • Samples are collected using dedicated tubing and peristaltic pump, low flow bladder pump, stainless steel tubing check valve, or disposable bailers

Temporary PVC Wells

  • Inserting sampling implants
  • Placing temporary piezometers/observation wells with varying screen lengths at varying depths
  • Samples are collected using dedicated tubing and peristaltic pump, low flow bladder pump, or disposable bailers


Pre-Packed Groundwater Monitoring Wells

  • Pre-Packed well screens in ½ and ¾ inch diameters
  • Installed using DT 22 Soil Sampler and 2.25 inch probe rods
  • PVC Wells installed through open borehole
  • Manually install filter pack and bentonite seal above screened interval
  • No cuttings generated during installation decreasing disposal costs
  • Minimal disturbance of natural formation
  • Can be developed, purged, and sampled using inexpensive sampling equipment
  • Uses standard above ground or flush mount well protectors

Groundwater Monitoring Wells

  • Water well abandonment by licensed water well drillers
  • Monitoring well design, installation, and modification
  • Monitoring well sampling using dedicated sampling equipment
  • Professional surveying to determine top of casing elevation


Vapor Monitoring and Remedial Installations

  • Soil gas sampling utilizing soil gas implants at varying depths 
  • Installation of vapor extraction wells
  • Installation of sparge wells

Chemical Injection

  • Chemical injection requires an experienced team in addition to specialized equipment
  • Licensed well drillers and geologists with experience in chemical injection will perform ORC® (Oxygen Release Compound), HRC® (Hydrogen Release Compound), permanganates, and sodium hydroxide injections

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