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About Us

About Us

Ark Engineering Services Inc. (Ark) was founded in April 1999 with its headquarters in Indianapolis, Indiana. Ark professionals are drawn from various disciplines of engineering, science, and geology. We believe in earth stewardship and not earth worship. We are environmental consultants who listen and help our clients achieve their compliance goals.

Ark’s personnel consists of licensed professional geologists (LPGs), licensed professional engineers (PEs), certified hazardous materials managers (CHMMs), certified waste water treatment operators, certified confined space entry specialists, and licensed well drillers.

Ark is a Christian company with a purpose. We believe in and practice in equal employment opportunity, charity, and faith. We firmly believe that our efforts, however good they may be, must be guided by the wisdom and knowledge of our Creator. We place a premium on integrity, honesty and personal responsibility. "Ark" stands for Acts of Regular Kindness.

Ark is certified as a MBE by the State of Indiana and the City of Indianapolis.

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