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UST & AST Management

UST & AST Management

Ark retains an expert staff of environmental engineers and consultants providing effective and affordable nationwide solutions to companies in the assessment, management and/or removal of Underground Storage Tanks (UST).

UST Removal, change in service or Closing in Place

  • Tank closure specification
  • Bidding assistance for removal and new installation of USTs
  • Assistance in reimbursement programs from administering agencies for eligible USTs
  • Supervise tank closure and regulatory compliance
  • Turnkey management

Leaking USTs

  • Regulatory compliance
  • Subsurface investigation/delineation
  • Estimation of product release and contaminant migration
  • Risk assessment, potential receptor identification, and ecological assessment

Environmental Assessment

  • Determination of site specific assessment procedures
  • Soil and groundwater sampling
  • Contaminant migration and preferred flow path analysis
  • Fuel identification and fingerprinting
  • Soil and groundwater impact assessment
  • Determination of impact to surrounding areas
  • Dye trace testing and water source identification


  • Existing and potential compliance deficiencies
  • Appropriate system upgrade alternatives
  • Tank compliance management programs
  • Potential risk exposure and cleanup liabilities
  • Corrosion survey and tank life expectancy determination

Program Implementation

  • Indiana Department of Environmental Management's Risk Integrated System of Closure (RISC) for Leaking Underground Storage Tank (LUST) sites
  • Indiana Department of Environmental Management's Voluntary Remediation Program (VRP) for LUST sites
  • Ark has performed numerous underground storage tank related investigation, cleanup, and closure for gas stations, petroleum bulk storage faclities, and manufacturing industries


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