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Ark is a full-service environmental consulting and engineering firm headquartered in Indianapolis providing practical, cost-effective solutions to environmental challenges. We are a multi-disciplined, cost-conscious consulting firm that provides waste management, engineering, scientific and project management services. Our motto is "your objective is our objective".

It is the policy of Ark to perform work professionally and to constantly achieve a level of quality which meets or exceeds our internal requirements. Our goal is to form long-term working relationships with our clients by demonstrating a comprehensive understanding of their unique environmental needs and by assisting them in achieving compliance with regulations influencing their operations.

Phase I & Phase II ESA

Ark Engineering Services routinely performs inexpensive phase I Environmental Site Assessments for many banks, real estate agents, and corporate clients. Based in Indianapolis, Indiana, Ark is well positioned to serve a diverse, nationwide client base.

A phase II ESA is needed to evaluate the environmental conditions identified in the phase I ESA or transaction screen process for the purpose of providing sufficient information regarding the nature & extent of contamination to assist in making informed decisions about the property.


Drycleaners and PCE Sites

Ark has partnered with environmental attorneys who have successfully represented our clients in obtaining funding on a case by case basis to pay for litigation support, defense of third party law suits, investigation, remediation, and closure of environmentally impacted sites.

Our attorneys can review your insurance policy for eligibility of such funding at little or no cost to you. Ark has the experience to investigate and cleanup sites that are impacted by PCE as a result of dry cleaning operations.


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